Washington County
Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Claude C. Combs

The Boss


 For a number of years a jail expansion project has been in the works.  In 2013 construction begin at Washington County Sheriff's Dept.  The expansion will increase the housing capability of the Detention Center from 60 to approximately  240 inmates. 

The new construction is the bold portion of the plan on the left in above diagram.

The cells are prefabricated steel pods manufactured in Georgia and hauled in three to four on a semi.  They are then stacked in the interior of the outer building shell.  The cells will eventually be fitted tightly together and welded. 


There will be a central control center "tower" located approximately where the construction worker with the tripod is standing.  There will be dividing walls that break up the jail into smaller cell blocks.

The cells are on two levels, an enclosed walk way will be constructed to access the second level.

Inside one of the cells.

The hallway that connects the new & old parts of the jail.

The kitchen in the new addition.

This will be the laundry.

The control room or "Tower" stands in the center of the facility and has clear view of all cell doors and controls access into or out of individual cells or cell blocks.

Interior walls, stairs, and upper deck walkways are being installed.

Duke Energy making the main line connections for electric power.

The backup generator for the jail facility.

The kitchen after paint and floor tile.

Installation of the upper deck fencing to prevent intentional or accidental falls from upper level.

Demo of contol system for new jail at Stanley Security Center. Now it will be disassembled and shipped to Salem for installation.

Washington County Sheriff Department
801 Jackson St.
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  (812) 883-5999 

 May 19, 2014..