Washington County
Sheriff's Department

May 2, 2007

Afternoon showers contribute to a rash of accidents. Five accidents were called in, in rapid succession, two by Eastern School, one on Saltillo - Livonia road just north of State Rd 337 these two on 60 west and 160 east of South Boston.

At approximately 3:40 PM this accident occurred on State Road 60 west at Dog Trot Rd. The semi was heading east when it got off the right side of the road way.  While attempting to get the rig back onto the road the load shifted and the entire rig rolled.  Salem fire department was also on scene to assist in the clean up.


This single vehicle accident occurred on State Rd 160 just east of South Boston during the afternoon rain.  Salem City Police and Indiana State Police assist the county sheriffs' department in handling the rash of accidents.